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 power noise and power electronics

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Date d'inscription : 03/02/2007

MessageSujet: power noise and power electronics   Ven 2 Mar - 22:28

I'm sorry not to be able to speak french, but I guess people around may answer on the language they prefer. I'll try to manage somehow and translate.

I know that both of those genres have nothing to do with each other, those are different ones. But recently I found another name for power noise (or rhythmic noise, how some people call it) - rhythmic industrial. So I would like to ask people who have an idea or/and substantial knowledge of the genres to explain me if this kind of expression - rhythmic industrial - is valid for power noise. does it have anything to do with industrial?and the same question about power electronics: does it have anything to do with industrial?

I thought where to place this topic - industrial section?but that's the question if it is industrial or not. Noise section?but power noise doesn't seem to be much connected with noise music as it is. So if moderators find a better place than "general", I would be thankful if they place it over there
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MessageSujet: Re: power noise and power electronics   Ven 2 Mar - 22:43

I don't have any "science" of the different types of music.
But I think power noise is a kind of industrial music. For exemple : Irikarah. There play industrial, but for me, it very, very near the noise.

So, maybe rythmic industrial is an extreme kind of industrial the power noise.

I wich you understand what I try to say, I did not practice english for a long time.
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power noise and power electronics
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